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Welcome to mysite SpeakArabic.webs.com. My main focus is to teach the Arabic Language to beginners online through various learning methods, and resources so that they are able to speak the Arabic language quickly and for free.  

My mission is to support and enrich the students in their learning experience and conversation by enriching their Arabic vocabulary, and proper grammar usage through the use of Arabic educational flash games,quizzes,tests, and more.

This site also focuses on teaching the Classical Arabic Language in addition to the Middle Eastern dialect necessary for communication in the majority of the Arab world.

To learn to speak the classical Arabic language, there are several free lessons, worksheets, and exercises that are necessary to master this wonderful language. My lessons are especially designed for those who wish to speak Arabic without learning the Arabic script through the method of transliteration.

For the serious Arabic learner, learning how to read, is the first step, and learning the Arabic Alphabet is where a beginner must start.




Free Arabic Lessons for beginners

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Arabic Lesson 1: About Me
Arabic Lesson 2: Questions and Answers: About Me.
Arabic Lesson 3:How to use Adjectives?
Arabic lesson 4: How to say His or Her's?

Free Arabic Dictionary

 Personal Pronouns
 Demonstrative Pronouns
 Interrogative Pronouns

Free Arabic Course

Learn to speak the Middle Eastern Arabic Accent

Sign up for free to take the Free Arabic Course and start speaking from the first lesson. Speak Arabic as spoken in the Middle East with friends, and family.  

Free Arabic Dictionary Download!

Learn Arabic Words Quickly!

     Download your free copy of the sixty nine page Arabic English "Free Arabic Vocabulary" e-book  in pdf format now. A ($19.95 Value). The book is great if you want to increase your vocabulary, and study Arabic words off-line. Arabic words are trasliterated into English for your ease. Download Now! (right click with your mouse and choose save as)

If you are looking for English Arabic word dictionary, please visit the Arabic Dictionary page.

Enjoy your Arabic learning journey,

Narmeen Omar